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Hostess service

Rome At Your Service srl, fully aware that quality and professionalism are crucial fundamentals for the success of an events, can offer the assistance services of a carefully selected, highly qualified multilingual hostesses.

Pre-convention assistance

Preparation of the site where the convention will take place, preparation of lists, setting up of signs and press stations, placement of markers.

Reception of guests and assistance during the convention

Control of guests flow, accreditation of participants, checking of lists, distribution of badges and documentation, escort of guests to their assigned seats, use of microphones in the room, and distribution of gifts and gadgets.

Technical equipment

Latest generation equipment to ensure the success of meetings and conferences.

Technical equipment

A complete simultaneous interpreting service: our highly skilled partners set up the equipment, take it down, and offer technical assistance during the event, in addition to providing accessory services, such as the recording of the talks and proceedings.

Post-convention services

Digital audio transcription, transcription from tapes, translations.


Types of equipment for simultaneous translation:


Traditional system with interpreting booths

Envisages the setting up of one or more booths in the room (or in the immediate vicinity) for the interpreters. A decidedly more expensive solution, but indispensable in contexts where it is necessary to insulate the interpreters from noise and other types of disturbances and interference.


Wireless radio frequency ("bidule") systems for transmitting translations.

Radio frequency (bidule) systems are the standard for light simultaneous interpreting. A solution as effective as the traditional infrared system but more versatile because, using radio waves, it does not require booths, wires, or even electricity. It is more economical, so it is suitable for places and situations where it may not be possible or convenient to install infrared equipment.



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